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Hemdale Film Corporation (1987-1993) Logo Remake

Hemdale Television logo (1987-1993)

Hemdale Pictures Corporation (1987-1993) Logo Remake

Hemdale Film Corporation Logo (1987, Widescreen Format)

Hemdale Film Corporation (1972-1984) Logo Remake

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Refurbished Logo Evolution: Digital Cinema Media (1969-Present) [Ep.57]

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Refurbished Logo Evolution: Ragdoll Limited (1984-Present) [Ep.19]

Refurbished Logo Evolution: Constantin Film (1950-Present) [Ep.58]

Refurbished Logo Evolution: StudioCanal (1988-Present) [Ep.11]

Gracie Films Treehouse of Horror Variants 1990-present remake

Refurbished Logo Evolution: Films Incorporated (1927?-1990's?) [Ep.55]

Refurbished Logo Evolution: New Line Cinema (1967-Present) [Ep.28]

Hemdale (2022, motion blur version)

Orion Pictures/Hemdale Film Corporation 1986 Logo Combo Remake

Hemdale Film Corporation logo (1986-1987)

Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer/Hemdale Film Corporation (2015/1990)

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